About Me

My name is Mark Crawford and I am a father to two boys, a Team Lead in the Manufacturing sector and ARMY veteran. From 2011-2012 I was stationed in Afghanistan with the 25th Infantry Division out of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Our deployment was to Regional Command East where we aided in the handover from NATO forces to the local military groups and received Two Campaign Stars. I worked alongside people from many different walks of life and performed many different task. During this time I was fortunate enough to experience a plethora of leadership styles.

Jalalabad, Afghanistan near FOB Finley Sheilds

I decided to start this Blog to help people survive THRIVE during this very unique time. Every industry today is facing a shortage of people or goods. In my industry and specifically my company, we are facing both. I wanted to share the boots on the ground tactics I, and the leaders around me are using daily when faced with these problems.

I don’t believe that every tactic I use will be successful. That being said, I was once told “You’ll never live long enough to learn everything from your own mistakes.” So, I encourage you to follow along and see both the successful and unsuccessful tactics. I promise you will learn from them.

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